Escape Your Profession & Save Your Life

Are you a stressed and overworked professional looking for a better work/life balance? Escape your profession and save your life, shows how you can create a new life for yourself.

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The Wills Guide

The Very Handy Wills Guide
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Traveller's Tales


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A sculpture of a tortured looking man with a large bird chained around his neck is not quite what you expect to find on the quay of a sleepy Somerset fishing port. Is this something misplaced from the set of an old Hitchcock horror movie? Click here to read more...


Miyajima - Japan's Sacred Island

The vermillion coloured, sixteen metre tall Torii Gate that rises out of the sea off Miyajima Island is one of the most photographed objects in Japan. We felt compelled to join the surge of camera carrying passengers heading to the rail for a photo opportunity, as the ferry sailed slowly past this famous icon. Click here to read more...


Hiking Unique Stansborough

The first time visitor arriving at Stansborough, Cheryl and Barry Eldridge’s 1120 hectare hill farm in the Kaiwhata Valley, 50 kilometres south east of Masterton, could be excused for believing that during their drive they had somewhere taken a wrong turning and left New Zealand.  Click here to read more...


Tea House in the Mountains

Lake Louise in the Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada has been aptly called ‘The Jewel of the Rockies.”   On one side of the lake, massive rock faces thrust skyward from waters made turquoise blue by suspended glacial “flour’ and reflections. On the other side, an easy walking track through trees follows the shoreline to the end of the lake.   Click here to read more...


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