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An Unjust Death

By Terry Carson

$33.50 (includes P&P)

Luke has had more than his fair share of bad luck. Orphaned at a young age and later due to a misunderstanding expelled from his missionary foster family, he is trying to make his own way as a native policeman in rapidly changing colonial New Zealand.

On board ship returning from prisoner escort duties to van Diemen’s land he is wrongfully accused of murdering his former foster sister’s husband. The jury accepts the lies of his European accuser, and he is found guilty and sentenced to death.

With only a few days left before his public execution will he be able to escape the hangman and find a way to clear his name, take revenge on his false accuser, and find happiness with the young woman he loves? However, sometimes justice comes with a price.

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Takapuna Tram

By Terry Carson

$39.00 (includes P&P)

This unique heritage style book will appeal to both children and adults alike. The text is a 1923 poem written by Terry's grandmother Elizabeth Welsman Dawson, telling in a humorous way of the trials and tribulations of travelling on the North Shore's small steam train in the 1900s. It has been colourfully illustrated in an effective and quirky way by Elva Leaming. Produced by award winning book designer Anna Egan-Reid, The Takapuna Tram is a delightful, landscape A4 hardcover, limited edition book.

'This charming book...lovely illustrations.' Heritage NZ magazine.

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By Terry Carson

$31.00 (includes P&P)

The story of the author’s grandmother, Elizabeth Welsman Dawson 1877-1932. It covers her childhood in a large Victorian family in London, her emigration and life in New Zealand through to the time of her death in 1932. The book contains a number of photographs, some from recently re-discovered glass plate negatives taken in the 1900s. The book features her poetry, most of which was written while she was living at Takapuna Beach, on Auckland’s North Shore.

Islands like giant stepping stones surround the bay
Where Rangitoto towers, old and grey
With purple shadows etched ‘gainst glowing sky
Girded by a sea of lapus-lazuli.
Over scarred cliffs pohutukawas fling
Green mantles decked with crimson blossoming
And flitting softly through the gloaming come
Small craft like white-winged birds returning home.

The book also contains a collection of her poetry, including The Takapuna Tram.

The Axeman's Accomplice - The true story of Margaret Reardon and the Snow family murders

By Terry Carson

$31.00 (includes P&P)

The 1847 murder of the Snow family on Auckland’s North Shore was a horrific crime that shocked the Colony. There were multiple murders, body mutilations and suggestions of cannibalism, arson, false accusations, perjury and a violent attack on a witness. The Snow family murders remain one of New Zealand’s most sensational crimes.

It was a New Zealand crime of firsts; the first European judicially executed, and the first and only woman to receive the sentence of transportation from a New Zealand court.

Almost 170 years later questions still remain. Did the murderer, Joseph Burns, work alone? What was the role of his mistress, Margaret Reardon? How true was Burns’ chilling pre-execution confession?

In this new look at the Snow family murders, author and lawyer Terry Carson focuses on the role played by Margaret Reardon, the murderer’s mistress. Was she a willing participant in the horrendous crimes or was she, due to threats and violence towards her by her former lover, really another victim? Did a male dominated Victorian legal system treat her unnecessarily harshly?

The author looks at the facts and draws on his legal background to paint a realistic scenario for the role played by Margaret Reardon — The Axeman’s Accomplice.

Built for Justice - Visits to old North Island Courthouses

By Terry Carson

$49.00 (includes P&P)

Visits to old North Island Courthouses is the result of four years research, photography and North Island travel by author Terry Carson.

I have always been fascinated by the quaint little courthouse buildings found in small towns around New Zealand. A few of them I even appeared at many years ago when practising law, before they closed down. When I first started this book I never expected to locate so many old courthouses in so many small towns. Some of the towns these days are little more than ghost towns but their courthouse building still survives. Often the history of the courthouse and the town provides a fascinating look into New Zealand's colonial past.

Built for Justice takes a broadly social history approach to the role of these buildings in small town New Zealand. Apart from records in archives and local museums, it has also drawn on contemporary newspaper reports and a few remembered anecdotes from old lawyers and court staff to give an entertaining and interesting read.

The book itself has been beautifully produced by Mary Egan Limited of Auckland and is printed to a high standard by Asia Pacific Off Set Limited in China. The art work, typography and design has been carried out by award winning book designer Anna Egan-Reid. Illustrated with ninety colour photographs and fifteen black and white photographs I am confident that this hard cover 176 page book will be one all book enthusiasts will be proud to own.

The Voyage of the Roxane

By Keith Dawson

$32.00 (includes P&P)


On the 24th May 1937, the author's twenty-fourth birthday, a small 26 foot yacht left Auckland Harbour to commence a winter crossing of the stormy Tasman Sea to Australia. Along with Keith Dawson was his friend and the yacht's co-owner, Dick Wellington, (later killed over Europe as a bomber navigator in World War II) and Les O'Brien, a young man who had never set foot on a small boat before but had answered an advertisement in the newspaper and paid twenty pounds for the passage to Sydney.

The Roxane was believed to be the smallest yacht at the time to receive Marine Department clearance to leave New Zealand waters, despite having no lifeboat or any of the aids regarded as essential for modern day ocean cruising. Pre-war yachting was very different to the sailing of today. The Roxane had no ship to shore radio, no satellite navigation system, no self steering gear, stainless steel winches, or inflatable life rafts. The yacht's intended engine was a modified Austin 8 car engine that failed a day or so after the voyage began.

The Voyage of the Roxane is the tale of three young Kiwi adventurers who survived the odds and every storm that the Tasman Sea could throw at them to survive and complete their voyage relying on a combination of yachting skill and raw courage.

Escape Your Profession - And Save Your Life

By Terry Carson

This book offers advice and inspiration for unhappy and stressed out professionals looking for a way to escape their current professional lives, to reinvent themselves and find a new and more satisfying work/life balance. Learn how to plan your escape.