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Yes, for only the price of a cup of coffee you can receive hundreds of dollars worth of concise legal information telling you all you need to know about; making a will, challenging a will, appointing an executor, revoking or altering a will, legal changes after a marriage breakdown or separation, common will clauses, and much more.


Forty pages of "must know" essential information is now instantly available to you on-line.


The Very Handy Wills Guide
by Terry Carson
(Hard copy $15, E-book $4.50)

The Handy Wills Guide

Everyone owning any property at all needs an up to date will. Life has become much more complicated in recent years, and will-makers need greater information than ever before to make sure their will is effective and can withstand challenges.

Drawing on over thirty-five years experience as a lawyer, Terry Carson has provided a concise easy to read summary of most of the essential information anyone making a will, or thinking about a will, or involved in estate administration - needs to know.

Table of Contents

  • Glossary of Terms (What do all those legal terms mean?)
  • Chapter 1 What is a Will?
  • Chapter 2 Why you should have a Will
  • Chapter 3 Who can make a Will?
  • Chapter 4 The Legal Requirements of a valid Will
  • Chapter 5 Your Personal Representative (Executor & Trustee)
  • Chapter 6 The Effects of Relationship Break up on a Will
  • Chapter 7 How to Revoke, Alter, or Revive a Will
  • Chapter 8 When you should Update or Change your Will
  • Chapter 9 Challenges to a Will
  • Chapter 10 Common Will Clauses
  • Chapter 11 Burial, Cremation and Final Wishes
  • Chapter 12 Instructing your Lawyer
  • Chapter 13 Seven Tips for a Good Will

The Very Handy Wills Guide


The Very Handy Wills Guide E-book Version


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