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The Axeman's Accomplice - The true story of Margaret Reardon                  and the Snow family murders

The 1847 murder of the Snow family on Auckland’s North Shore was a horrific crime that shocked the Colony. There were multiple murders, body mutilations and suggestions of cannibalism, arson, false accusations, perjury and a violent attack on a witness. The Snow family murders remain one of New Zealand’s most sensational crimes.


It was a New Zealand crime of firsts; the first European judicially executed, and the first and only woman to receive the sentence of transportation from a New Zealand court.


Almost 170 years later questions still remain. Did the murderer, Joseph Burns, work alone? What was the role of his mistress, Margaret Reardon? How true was Burns’ chilling pre-execution confession?


In this new look at the Snow family murders, author and lawyer Terry Carson focuses on the role played by Margaret Reardon, the murderer’s mistress. Was she a willing participant in the horrendous crimes or was she, due to threats and violence towards her by her former lover, really another victim? Did a male dominated Victorian legal system treat her unnecessarily harshly?


The author looks at the facts and draws on his legal background to paint a realistic scenario for the role played by Margaret Reardon — The Axeman’s Accomplice.



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The Axeman's Accomplice - The true story of Margaret Reardon and the
Snow family murders